Teaching and Learning

at Always Growing

We know families choose us because they love the children they care for and want the best for them at every stage of development. We know it is all about the children and providing the best developmental opportunities for them. We are proud to be an education provider and we believe in order for learning and development to happen we need the four pillars of our pedagogy: reassuring relationships, clear communication, continuous curiosity and enabling environments.

The four pillars of our pedagogy





Reassuring relationships rely on our educators having HEART, being Humble, Empathetic, Adaptable, Remarkable and Transparent. These relationships truly are the heart beat of our pedagogy, the ‘how’ in our teaching.

Clear communication is essential with children, parents, colleagues and the wider community. We need to have meaningful pedagogical conversations to support the teaching and learning in our setting. We recognise the power of language to make learning engaging and inevitable.

Continuous curiosity is imperative for our pedagogy, a cardboard box is never just a cardboard box. We need to see the potential of everyday things and our educators become the interested person next to the interested child, learning alongside them exploring new items and their possibilities.

We are proud of our enabling environments and are continuously reflecting on and improving them.  Whether is it one of our garden spaces, the sunflower classroom, the butterfly classroom or any other space the children explores in the surrounding community. We need to allow our children to play and be creative.

In addition to the four pillars of our pedagogy, we have a shared purpose which is the holistic development of all children. We want all children to experience a balance education with:

  • Subjectification: Becoming empowered as an individual to reflect and think critically.
  • Socialisation: Developing as part of a community.
  • Qualification: Progressing through the early learning goals at a rate that suits them.

This purpose steers our curriculum which is the ‘what’ of our teaching, it is everything in our environment that you can see, hear, smell, touch and even taste! It follows the interest of our children and supports their continuous development. 

We are proud to be Always Growing: building relationships with families and communities to develop every child, in a nurturing and engaging environment.