Always Growing Helping Hands

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This project is very close to our hearts, as we understand the challenges families in our community can face when trying to seek financial support through Government run services. We therefore have created our own, streamlined route to access funds when you need them most. We have already had the pleasure of helping many young people and families from the Windsor and surrounding area. Examples of this include supporting the purchase of a bus pass, new school shoes, supporting school trips  attendance and also contributing to a sponsorship programme that promotes young people's engagement with entrepeneurship and creativity. 

There are specific requirements that need to be met and other terms and conditions apply. We would be happy to discuss your application so please do get in touch for more information. 

As our name suggests we are ‘Always Growing’ and therefore we are always working on exciting new plans for new services. We hope to provide even more children with the support and opportunities they need to grow to their full potential. Watch this space for more information. You could also follow us on facebook to ensure you don’t miss any updates.